August 2018’s Coolest things

Every month the good people of Sutherland Labs compete with one another to produce the Coolest Thing on the internet, but this competition isn’t just a single event. It is more like the Olympics, with many different competitions all leading our brave contenders to gold. There are many side events that lead up to that point. Train ride eavesdropping. newsletter scanning and the ever more dangerous, browsing social media. Regardless of the specific events, the end result is the same. Here is our list of the coolest things that we have found on the internet this month!

Netflix Artwork Personalization

We have all heard about the streaming service’s omnipresent algorithm by now – a complex piece of programming that directs viewers to the kinds of programmes that they are most likely to enjoy – but what most people do not realize is that Netflix’s personalization does not stop there. In addition to harvesting data about the types of shows that you like to watch, Netflix also tracks which thumbnail images first attracted you to a show and so they customize their appearance to more closely match your preferred art-style. After binge-watching Disenchantment, did you notice that the thumbnail for Ugly Delicious became a cartoon chicken? You’ll notice now!

Windows 95

Do you ever long for a simpler time? When you could be certain that your home computer was definitely less intelligent than you? Well, some absolute genius at GitHub has uploaded the entirety of Windows 95, contained within an electron app so that you can run it on macOS, Windows or Linux. While they admit that the whole thing was done as a joke, the program actually seems to run perfectly, or at least as perfectly as Windows 95 ever did. So, if you are ready for a heady dose of nostalgia or an intense game of minesweeper, then head on over and download the home computing experience of yesteryear, today!

Image via the

Image via the

What Science Can Teach You About Designing Great GUI

What does an apple falling out of a tree to land on young Isacc Newton’s head have to do with an Apple iPhone App? Both of them are reliant on the user observing physics to convey complex information. In this clever piece, The Interaction Design Foundation discuss the way that users’ inherent understanding of the physical world can be translated into graphical interfaces that are simple to understand. All that it takes is a little translation of the physical laws of our reality into movement on a screen. Simple, right?

And so, it is with a heavy heart that we must say that another month of coolest things has come to an end. There were some fierce contenders, there was some excellent sportsmanship, but ultimately these three cool things were just that little bit cooler than the others that they were put up against, and there should be no shame in that for all of those losers currently plotting their revenge. Come back at the same time next month if you want to witness another bout between these titans of this sport.

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