November 2017’s Coolest Things

Every month there is a fierce battle amongst the people of Sutherland Labs. Their battlefield is our Slack Channel, their weapons are the coolest things that they have seen this month and their prize… Their prize is eternal bragging rights and as much immortality as a blog post chronicling the cool thing that you have found can bring you. There were some strong contenders over the course of November and the competition was tight, but victors have been declared and now it is time to bear witness to the Coolest Things that we have seen this month!

UX For Monsters

Halloween had just passed us by when the month began, and you can be sure that there were a great many spooky suggestions up on Slack, but this hot take on the best ways to make sure that your UX is inclusive to the humanity-challenged was inspired. Can a Vampire use a touch-screen with those long and nasty nails? What should the maximum capacity of a car-sharing app for Evil Clowns be set to? How can Freddy Krueger play your new mobile game if teenagers aren’t dreaming about it?

UX for monsters

David Yeo’s Tiny Animals

This project, more officially titled “Engineered by Nature” is a collection of pictures of miniature animals, placed in contrast with human designed items to give a sense of scale. Obviously not every one of these mini-animals is actually as tiny as it appears in the picture but no photo-manipulation has been used to highlight how tiny they are, only good old fashioned trickery. Mini-animals are bred purely for aesthetics, and Yeo’s collection is planned to show off the perfection of their design. Also; they are so adorable.

Credit: David Yeo,

Credit: David Yeo,

Stefan Draschan’s People Matching Artworks

We close out the month with another photo-set that does exactly what the name says. In this collection of snaps from galleries around the world are people who Draschan has captured looking at a piece of art that coincidentally matches the aesthetic and colors of their clothing. It is far from Draschan’s only project to include matching aesthetics, his “Cars Matching Homes” and “Matching Couples” series achieve similar goals, but it does an amazing job of contrasting these classical paintings, which everyone acknowledges as art, with the personal styles that the viewers have cultivated, something that is rarely acknowledged as an art-form at all.

Credit: Stefan Draschan,

Credit: Stefan Draschan,

The Loop- IBM’s Journey into DT

IBM is transforming the way that it does business by centring Design Thinking in everything it does. Introducing more easily accessible tools for software design, surveying other companies that have nailed their own design practices, and even transforming the language that they use to talk about their products to incorporate their new way of thinking. We understand that not every has twenty minutes to watch the whole thing, but if you are in a rush there is a great section at about 4 minutes in.

That is all that we have time for this month, out brave gladiators have been returned to their pens where they have already started frantically browsing through their social media feeds in search of new contenders for next month’s battle royal. Although it is hard to imagine how anything is going to top that picture of two teacup pigs in a top-hat.

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