November 2018’s Coolest Things

November is already behind us, the long winter up ahead. We really need something to brighten up these dull days and what could be better than a list of all the coolest things that we found on the internet this month? Nothing. The correct answer is nothing. It was a rhetorical question.

Every month in the Labs slack channel we all compete to find the coolest of the cool. This list is the cream of the crop!

A Manufacturing Robot’s Diversity Letter

Riffing on the rather infamous little memo that was sent around Google HQ by a now mysteriously unemployed member of staff, this little letter is obviously a humorous spoof, but it also inadvertently highlights a few of the ways that automation is actually the superior option for certain roles, allowing humanity’s soft skills to come to the fore in the workplace.

Contactless Costa Coffee Cup

You may think that this was chosen simply because of our love of alliteration, but in fact the reusable coffee cup that Costa are rolling out is a neat new attempt to get ahead of the curve and eliminate a pain point in the customer service experience. With almost 25% of all digital payments in the USA being made through the Starbucks App, the competition really needs to step up their game.

Image of contactless costa coffee cup

Unboxing Chrome

This fascinating post about the 10-year anniversary redesign of Google Chrome transforms almost immediately into a design history of web-browsers in general before diving into the way that mobile browsing transformed browsers and shaped the core design philosophy of the Chrome application. A fundamental devotion to being as invisible as it is possible to be, while still offering great UX.

The Arrival

This beautiful little video about the beauty of the arrival hall in the airport was produced by Scandinavian Airlines. The real beauty of the video, beyond the visuals and the sweet message, is that it is such a subtle form of lifestyle advertising that bypasses the usual pitfalls of pushing the creators’ services, instead focusing on creating the desire to use those services as a by-product of the desire to travel.

That is all that we have time for this month, but rest assured, the colder and darker it gets out there, the more time we are going to spend huddled up inside browsing the internet and trying to one up each other with neat little links. Come back next time for more cool things and our big roundup of all the absolute 100% coolest things from the whole year!

The Labs Team

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