Our Media Lab produces creative content for digital experiences that help customers and employees connect with brands.

Great content starts with a deep understanding of the audience and their needs. Working closely with our research and design teams, we use ‘deep insights’ to build powerful narratives and visuals that humanize brands and make complex ideas easy to grasp.

SAP Health

Customer Stories

We produced a series of 3 ‘cinematic’ stories for SAP Health to highlight the everyday application and impact of their solutions.

We spent time with medical doctors, scientists, and patients, filming in locations across Europe. The result was 3 authentic stories that showcase SAP’s partnerships.

Sutherland Digital

Demo Videos

We created a series of demo videos to bring Sutherland’s digital solutions to life. For each demo, we scripted and filmed customer journeys to illustrate how the platform or service is used in real life. In addition, bespoke animation helped to explain the key features and benefits.

This mixed media approach resulted in fun, informative and easily digestible video content that make Sutherland’s digital solutions feel tangible.

Sutherland Global

Employee Stories

We developed a series of stories to articulate and support Sutherland’s employee value proposition ‘Be Yourself’.

Our crew spent time following three Sutherland employees in USA, Philippines, and India. We captured authentic moments from their personal and professional lives.

The final series was a moving campaign which helped Sutherland’s articulate their EVP in an authentic way.

How we can help you get started

87% of businesses use video, but they often struggle to get started or the content fails to deliver. We can help you:

  • Identify what your audiences really need
  • Learn how video content can help your business
  • Workshop ideas and write a compelling video brief
  • Build a business case and help gain buy-in from the stakeholders
  • Produce creative video and animation content 


  • Build a Brief

    We will run a workshop to help you create a video brief and a business case to support your project. In this two hour session you will:

    - Define your goals
    - Establish your audience and their needs
    - Explore ideas and storytelling approach

    This is free service, so email us to get started.

  • Learn from Audiences

    We will facilitate a focus group to help you learn from real customers. In this full day session you will:

    - Observe live audience
    - Validate concepts and establish audience needs
    - Analyse findings and formulate a content strategy

    This is a paid service which covers recruitment of participants, studio hire, and facilitation. Email us to learn more.

  • Produce your Video

    We handle all aspects of video and animation production and take you from 'concept to screen', including:

    - Building a brief and budget
    - Writing a script or interview guides
    - Assembling talent, crew, and equipment
    - Creating motion graphics or animations
    - Editing, colour grading, and sound mixing

    Costs and timescales can vary depending on your needs. Email us for more info.



Ready to get started?

Wether you are just starting out or have a brief ready for production, we can help.

Media services include


Content strategy

We use customer and employee insights to determine the right content approach to meet the business needs.

  • Target Audience research
  • Strategy and business case
  • Creating the ‘Big Idea’
  • Storytelling

Digital content

We craft creative content across all digital touchpoints to enable delightful digital experiences.

  • Web copy
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Motion

Video production

End to end production of video content, from copy to finished video or animation.

  • Explainers
  • Demos
  • Educational
  • Customer and employee stories