Around the World in 36 Apps

Sutherland Labs are delighted to announce that the Global Retail App Benchmark that we co-authored with our partners in the global UXalliance is going to be thoroughly explored and explained at a pair of events in the London Labs this month.

If you haven’t heard about the Global Retail App Benchmark; is the latest in a series of benchmarks created by the UX Alliance that are designed to assess user experience of digital products globally. Drawing on the expertise of the 500+ UX practitioners that make up the UX Alliance around the world; the report ranks 36 apps in 18 countries for both app UX and the wider customer experience that supports online purchase.

At either the evening event on Tuesday 16th October (starting at 18:30) or a breakfast briefing on Wednesday the 24thOctober (starting at 8:30) attendees will be introduced to the world of Retail Apps by Kate Ancketill of GDR Creative intelligence. She will guide you through the history of apps and show how these little digital widgets fit into the wider innovations that are shaping the modern business ecosystem.

Then our very own Simon Herd will be digging into the UXalliance benchmark itself, examining the leading apps and the trends that go beyond our localized assumptions to provide practical and actionable insights for leaders in retail.

And of course, afterwards there will be a Q&A session with all hands on deck, so if there is any particular detail of the benchmark that you’d like to dive into more deeply there will definitely be the opportunity.

Our speakers 

Kate Ancketill, GDR Creative Intelligence
As Founder and CEO Kate is the chief story-teller at GDR, and has worked with Microsoft, Coca-Cola, P&G, Hilton, LVMH, Capital One, Macy’s, Tesco and Lego. Kate provides road-tested insights on the technological and human innovations that will change the shape of business over the next five years.

About the UXalliance
Founded in 2005, the UXalliance is a network of 25 leading independent User Experience (UX) companies, that helps global organizations create better international products & services, by providing them with local research, insight and design. UXalliance partners around the world can conduct high quality research across all five continents and in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Both of these events are going to be invite only, with limited spaces already filling up fast, but if you’d like to attend and you haven’t heard from us yet, feel free to send a message to to make arrangements!

The Labs Team

Sutherland Labs