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On Wednesday we’re at @hireonlinkedin’s Talent Connect event in Las Vegas, where I’ll be running a workshop with talent acquisition AVP Anna Fullerton-Batten. We’ll be exploring ways to use design thinking methodologies to improve recruitment candidate experiences. Or to put it another way, how to attract the best talent… and keep it.

But we don’t want to run workshops the old fashioned way, we like to eat our own dogfood when it comes to experience design. So we want to draw on the social networks we use in our working day to involve our community of practitioners, friends and colleagues in the session, and make the event a more interactive experience.

How can you get involved…

It’s simple. Tweet us your questions (via DM or tweeting to @SutherlandLabs) and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can during our session at 5.00pm PST on Wednesday October 5th. Send your questions in advance, or tweet us during the event. The event also has a live stream, so we’ll be able to answer you directly if we can.

What will you get?

We’ll be delivering insights back from the event to our social media followers, via our blog, Medium publication and LinkedIn feed. If you’ve got a topic you think we should be talking about, this is a great way to steer us to focus on the topics that matter to you, and gives us a chance to get to know what you think at the same time.

Catch you on Wednesday!

Linkedin Talent Connect, Las Vegas

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