Global Service Jam in San Francisco!

Our San Francisco team are proud to host this years Global Service Jam from the evening of February 17th to the 19th. The Global Service Jam is a two-day event where anyone interested in designing services can sign up to participate in creating a solution to a problem that exists in the world today.

At the start of the Jam everyone forms teams with people that they have never worked with before to come up with their own individual solution to this year’s mysterious theme. This means that over the course of 48 hours, jammers won’t just get to talk about service design, they will actually get hands on experience of research and design work with experts across dozens of relevant fields.

All of the solutions that are designed during the jam have a chance of being implemented. Every prototype and polished idea is displayed for the world to see once the jam is over. While not everyone who comes to the jam will see their work picked up by a potential customer to be implemented as a real solution, everyone is guaranteed to meet lots of interesting people and have a good time while learning about sustainability and a design-centred approach to problem solving.

If you are interested in a career in Service Design, if you already work in the design industry, or if you just want to help change the world, then there aren’t many better places to start than at the Global Service Jam. There will be plenty of experience in the room, all that participants need to bring is a good attitude, an open mind and a willingness to share their creativity with the world.

People around the world are already getting excited about the Global Service Jam! You can join them online on Twitter: #GSJam or #GSJAMSF or on Facebook.

If you feel like taking part then you can contact Shauna Jin by email at or Akriti Vora by email at

Or sign up here!

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