Remote Services

Services designed to foster remote collaboration across time zones, teams and locations, and keep product and service development on track.

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Remote Research

Do you need help to adapt your design research activities? Are you unclear how to respond to customer needs and behaviors in a Covid-19 world?

Our Remote Research services enable organizations to adapt user research studies already in motion, and replan and reorientate any future activities. Similarly, these methods can be employed to anticipate the needs and behaviors of future customers and employees, to gain insight into what the future may look like and help organizations plan accordingly.

Sutherland Labs have decades of experience in tackling complex problems, and multi-country and multi-phase studies. Leveraging in-house tools and technologies and a wide network of global partners, we are a trusted pair of hands in uncertain times.

Services include:

  • Prioritization and ideation workshops
  • Web and Mobile testing (moderated)
  • A/B testing with users
  • Diary studies and landscape research
  • Journey mapping
  • Vision & Future state mapping

Watch this video to learn how we plan and run remote research

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remote co-design

Remote Co-Design

Are you trying to keep remote development teams on track? Do you need to bring creative minds together to shape new products and services?

Using our Remote Co-Design approach we plan and run your design activities and bring decentralized teams together in collaboration. Our UX and service design experts are skilled in combining facilitation of creative environments with the right mix of visual tools, to produce high quality and actionable design outputs.

Remote Co-Design engagements are extremely easy to scale, and draw on best practices that have proven successful for many remote teams in the past.

Services include:

  • Design Sprints
  • Workshops and Ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping creation and testing
  • User interface design

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