Human-Centric Healthcare at Paris

We are delighted to announce that our very own Belinda Deschamps will be presenting a masterclass in human-centric healthcare at in Paris this Thursday. From 3.30pm, in the gloriously named Galerie des Gobelins, Belinda will be explaining the concept of user centered design, referencing our joint project with Corporation Pop – the Xploro App – as an ideal example.

Being hospitalized is a very confusing and frightening time for children, being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age, even more so. All of the adults are talking over you in very serious voices, but nobody is talking to you. Nobody is explaining what all of the big words like oncology and chemotherapy actually mean, or what the treatment that is about to become a huge part of your life is actually like. The Xploro App is designed to convey that information to children in a friendly, easy to understand way, and alleviate their confusion and anxiety by giving them a road-map to their own recovery. (Futur en Seine) is celebrating its tenth year, and will be free and open to anyone who might be interested in attending. It is an event celebrating and exploring the possibilities of digital and sustainable innovation. It is the largest festival of this type in France, and possibly Europe, so anyone who can make the trip will find something worthy of their attention.

So, come along, hear what Belinda has to say and join in the conversation about the future of healthcare.

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