Top Gift Recommendations for 2018

It is better to give than to receive – that is what people say when they have never received a gift from one of our talented present pickers! To celebrate the impending onslaught of the holiday season, we have collected a few of the best gift ideas that we could conjure up. Our gift to you, the panicked last-minute shopper.

Traditional Gifts

If you are trying to keep the flag of tradition flying in your household, might we recommend:

CandyLab Toys
You can’t get more traditional than hand carved wooden toys when it comes time to fill some stockings, but there is something about the glamorous 60s modernist vibe of these toy cars that gives you a little extra vaa-vaa-voom!

Marzipan Fruits
This may just be a British Thing, but there is something about the taste of Marzipan that screams Christmas over here on our jolly little island, and the Marzipan Fruits from Fortnum and Mason have a sort of old world elegance to them that brings back fond memories of the yule days of yore.

The London Sock Exchange
It is the gift that everyone gets and nobody really asks for. Socks! Not just for Christmas day, but delivered all through the year thanks to these wonderful subscription services – one of the few that is still seeing regular use by the labs staff.

Technically, Stance was recommended first, and it is more helpful to our American readers, but we are suckers for a good pun.

Everyday goodness

If you are looking for the gifts that just keep giving, then why not take a look at:

Keep Cups
Everyone and their grandmother gets coffee to go in this day and age, but only some of us have cottoned on to the price-saving joy that is reusable coffee cups. Keep Cups have a range of unique, customisable options that mean nobody is going to be confusing your grande-soy-triple-shot-eggnog-latte with anyone else’s.

Ring Making Workshop
Want something that your intended gift recipient can keep forever and ever? How about a new practical skill? This workshop in London is just like hundreds of others all over the world, where expert jewellers will give you the basic skills to make your own personalised rings.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Honestly, we think Jun is just so enamoured with Extra Virgin Olive Oil that he wants to spread the deliciousness all over the world, but the right bottle can definitely make or break many different meals, so it is well worth slipping into the foodie in your life’s stocking.

Something for the little ones

Kids grow up too fast nowadays, and the old toys we used to give them just can’t hold a candle to… whatever Fortnite is… So here are a few special ideas for the young ones in your lives:

Do you fear that the young person in your life is going to make a foolish decision and permanently mark their skin with the meme of the week? Have no fear, Inkbox provide painless tattoos that last 8 to 18 days, so they can experiment without permanence.

Rolli Beatmaker
The worst gift that you can give any parent is a drum-kit for their child, so why not upgrade your technology and throw in a pair of headphones to keep the “beats” contained with the Rolli Beatmaker. Finger-drumming at its finest.

And so without further ado, we must depart on a frantic last minute gift gathering excursion of our very own. Happy shopping everyone!

The Labs Team

Sutherland Labs