Playtesting & Games Research

Build confidence in your title’s success through greater understanding of the gamer experience.

Our concept and playtesting services generate insights that improve retention, identify revenue opportunities, and reduce lost investment. Our mission is to identify the needs of your playerbase to make your games fun, engaging, and memorable.

We draw on deep expertise across the entire gamer experience – from providing playtesting and bespoke technical setups for leading games developers, to delivering gamer support insights for some of the largest game publishers in the world.

Player Research for AAA Title
Major Game Development Studio

Player Research for AAA Title

A major studio, responsible for a hit entertainment franchise, selected us as their player research partner for the development of a new AAA title. Over multiple rounds, we have provided simultaneous in-person playtesting using a custom built set of rigs and bespoke streaming service. Our insights continue to shape the game’s story, mechanics and overall playability.

Playtesting for Mobile Games
Global Interactive Entertainment Company

Playtesting for Mobile Games

We conducted research on various titles for our client, who has around 250 million monthly active users. Sessions included up to 6 players simultaneously playing the game, with a focus group element discussion before and after play. We evaluated new level designs, game mechanics, the learning curve for gamers, and also gathered feedback on visual design elements of the games.

Playtesting with Young Gamers
Leading Play and Toy Brand

Playtesting with Young Gamers

Our client has a range of games aimed at young audiences and engaged us to understand how to design simple, intuitive and fun game experiences across multiple devices. As part of this, we tested late stage prototypes in paired and group sessions with 6 - 11 year age ranges, focusing on how children experienced games on tablet devices, as well as Playstation and Xbox.

Game Testing Services


Shape Concepts

  • Gain feedback on early concepts
  • Shape character and story development
  • Evaluate input methods and controls

Identify Problems

  • Playtest in-development builds and mechanics
  • Level balancing
  • Navigation, HUD and on-screen graphics

Understand Audiences

  • Across different geographies, player levels, and ages
  • Interpret player behaviour
  • Identify revenue opportunities


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