Smaller logo. Bigger changes.

You may have noticed that a few things have been changing around this website, with the most obvious being our new logo.

Often, a new logo is the first thing that a company does before even considering the systemic changes that are going to be necessary to update their corporate culture, the equivalent of slapping a new paint-job on the outside of a crumbling building. Which explains why Sutherland’s chief marketing officer Ben Stuart was hesitant to prioritize getting a new logo made.

“I resisted the rebranding effort, hoping to engage my brain on headier challenges –  organisational design, our technology stack – anything other than the logo. But after a day or two of resisting, it became clear that too much work would be delayed without a new logo and visual ID system.”

Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing Office, Sutherland

The old logo has been serving our parent company Sutherland well for the last 30 years, but eventually everything needs a little update. While a logo change is symbolic of a commitment to change elsewhere, here in the Labs we understand exactly how powerful symbols can be. It was a natural decision for us to integrate with a visual approach that represents Sutherland’s human-centric approach to transformation.

Across Sutherland, teams have been reinvigorated by the impending changes and the possibilities that the future might bring, and the whole company is buzzing with newfound energy. For a relatively small investment of time and money into getting a new logo designed, it is having a massive impact across the whole company.

“The work that Sutherland is doing today is innovative and forward-looking and the 30-year- old logo didn’t give the team proper credit for everything we’ve built, what we’re doing and where we’re going.”

Ben Stuart, Chief Marketing Office, Sutherland

In the Labs, our job is understanding the intricacies and processes that run the world and how to transform them for a better future. Transforming ourselves to reflect the changes in world culture, society and technology is a natural part of that progress and our new logo is indicative of that change – and the rest of the changes that are coming.

Communications Director

Sutherland Labs
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